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An overviewof what you can expect from this courseGet powerful employee insightsTypeOnline self-paced learningInterviews, surveys and performance reviews: you have aLanguageEnglish (with English & Spanish captions)Duration9 hoursAccess12 monthsStructure3 modulesTestingQuizzeswealth of employee data at your disposal. However, because thisdata is unstructured, analyzing it can cost a lot of valuable timeand manpower. Unless you are familiar with Natural LanguageProcessing.In this course, you will learn how to apply Natural LanguageProcessing to reveal employee insights hidden in unstructureddata in minutes instead of hours. You will also learn how to buildDigital certificate upon completion (including LI token)a chatbot and set up a Voice of the Employee program so thatyou can make optimal use of your new NLP capabilities.Eligible for HRCI, HRPA & SHRM creditsReading materials & bonus content60-day money back guarantee

Curriculum overviewPractical. Comprehensive. Game changing.Learning objectivesNatural Language Processing for HRUncover valuable employee insights in a matter of minutes using Introduction to NLP Learn how to set up a successful Voice of the Employee (VoE)program to better understand your workforce.Build an HR chatbotFind out how to create your own HR chatbot to save time, increaseproductivity and boost engagement.Machine learningExplore the two different approaches to Natural LanguageProcessing: machine learning and linguistic engineering.MODULE 2Algorithms in NLPNatural Language Processing.Voice of the EmployeeMODULE 1 MODULE 3Voice of the Employee

MODULE 1MODULE 2Introduction to NLPAlgorithms in NLPWhat is Natural Language Processing, and how exactly can it helpIt's time to deepen your understanding of how Natural LanguageHR professionals? In this first module, you will learn about theProcessing works. In this module you will learn about metricsbasics of NLP, such as the difference between structured andused in NLP, as well as common NLP errors and the confusionunstructured data, and why it is difficult for a computer programmatrix. You will also explore two approaches to NLP, and find outto understand language. You will also find out how to use NLP tohow to build an HR chatbot for your organization.process surveys and interviews and listen to the Voice of theEmployee. Lessons Metrics Lessons Linguistic Engineering vs AI Introduction to NLP Create Your Own HR Chatbot The Must-Knows of NLP Resources and reading materials NLP Daily Tasks Resources and reading materials

MODULE 3Voice of the EmployeeIn this final module, you will learn more about setting up a Voiceof the Employee program, and creating a chatbot and using it torun a sentiment analysis. You will also take a closer look at howdata privacy impacts NLP, including several practical rules ofthumb for ethical data principles. Lessons NLP Ethics Voice of the Employee Dashboarding: Voice of the Employee Resources and reading materials

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Introduction to NLP The Must-Knows of NLP NLP Daily Tasks Resources and reading materials It's time to deepen your understanding of how Natural Language Processing works. In this module you will learn about metrics used in NLP, as well as com